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The Stone


Italian Limestones: Whether installations are of Classical, Modern, Mediterranean or Tuscan architecture, the Stones of Italy are unsurpassed. A warm alternative to Indiana Limestone, the Lecce Grey Limestone has also gained popularity in recent years as a beautiful material for traditional American architectural styles including Georgian, Greek Revival and Federal Style. For a classic French Chateau the undeniably perfect stone is the beautiful Lecce Beige. And for a tranquil Spanish Mission style home or modern Florida beach house, the various shades of Vicenza stones with lovely shell inclusions are a natural selection. Functioning as the intermediaries between the “Botteghe della pietra” (stoneworks shops) of the famous Scamozzi and Palladio schools, and our knowledgeable clients who recognize the artistic and technical value of our work, we meet the expertise and service expected.

Italian Marbles: A mere paragraph could never cover the wonder of the Marbles of Italy: the history, the world renowned artists, and the enduring craft and art of the most knowledgeable and talented marble carvers and fabricators in the world! DeSantana Stone is the link to the quarries of Carrera, and the endless beauty of the finest Marbles of Italy. Most importantly, this link includes our long term relationships with the great artists of marble. From custom designed fireplaces, columns, statuary as well as flooring and countertops are all available in any of the Marbles available through DeSantana.

Lecce Beige, Italian stone
used in balustrades, cladding, surrounds, and flooring 

Central Mexico

The volcanic stones of central Mexico are called Cantera Stones and are quarried exclusively in various regions of Mexico and Central America. The Cantera name derives from the Spanish word for quarry. The various colors, as well as the texture, durability, and softness is ideal for detailed carving and cutting. Light-weight and porous, Cantera comes in a myriad of natural colors and tones, with the harder variations of Cantera referred to as Adoquin stones (meaning “cobblestone”). Because of the volcanic nature of the stone, unique inclusions create the rustic authentic appearance that have made Cantera a popular stone throughout the United States. Naturally, Cantera is the perfect stone for a Hacienda style home, however applications in Contemporary, Tuscan, Mediterranean, and French Country designs abound with the resulting beauty and warmth of this truly unique and versatile stone.


The limestones of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico are among the most beautiful stones in our collection. These limestones occupy a space between the perfection of the Italian Limestones and the rusticity of the Volcanic stones of central Mexico. With varied marbling, and a density that could take a polish, the Limestones of the Yucatan are an excellent choice for Contemporary, Tuscan, Mediterranean, and French Country designs. Additionally, one of the most popular stones of the Yucatan is the Coquina Shellstone, widely installed throughout Florida and Coastal areas, including the West Indies, South Carolina and Georgia.