For his biography of Leonardo Da Vinci, Walter Isaacson asked a Da Vinci expert if the master's drawings, sketches and final works were an endeavor of artistic vision or mathematics, of imagination or science.
The curator told him,
"I don't think Leonardo would have made that distinction."

At DeSantana, neither do we.

Working with stone is a matter of seeing the unseen, using skill and math to unearth what nature provides, imagination and art to shape it, logistics to make it work and finally passion, vision and care to make something new.

DeSantana has been doing this for nearly 30 years but our collective of artisans has been doing it for well over a century.

From the quarry to the last detail of installation.

For over 30 years, DeSantana Stone has designed and worked on high-end, custom architectural stone applications: balustrades, columns, entranceways, fireplaces, fountains, kitchen hoods, window surrounds and wall cladding for homes across the United States. 
With access to quarries worldwide, our selection of natural stone offers not only a range of materials, styles and prices, but we can take your vision and turn it into something that changes a room or an entire home.  

As a full service supplier, DeSantana's team is engaged from the very beginning of a project when designs and visions for a project are shared, through the choice of materials, design illustrations, CAD drawings, job site management - including field measurement and oversight, and installation services. Our solid partnerships are with world-class fabricators and our in-house expertise have made us a go-to supplier for important commercial and restoration projects including restoration work on Shepard's Hall CUNY, New York City, Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC.

Our DeSantana team has a combined 100+ years of experience in our fields and we provide attention and clarity to every project. 

Master craftsmen, Master draftsmen, Master execution.

As a full service supplier, DeSantana's team helps with design illustrations, CAD drawings, job site management - including field measuring and oversight - and installation services. 

Our team is focused on providing the highest level of expertise and service and brings a wealth of experience, innovation, and clarity to every single project - from the quarry to the last detail of installation. The DeSantana team is committed to getting the details right in the design phase and carrying that focus through every segment of the process.

Finally, we really are passionate about our clients' needs and offer attentive support throughout the process. DeSantana is known not only for listening and then helping see a vision come to fruition, but we sometimes take clients directly to the quarries abroad where they meet the multiple generations of master craftspeople and see the stone that will be used in their project. This is a feature of what we do that is both valuable and transformative.

DeSantana, along with partners in Italy, Central Mexico and the Yucatan have collaborated for three decades on many of the most stunning custom architectural stone projects in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. We use over  600 types of stone including Quartzite, marble and granite.

We are proud to showcase our selection of natural stones available for custom fabrication. Each quarry contains distinctive stones ranging from the consistent beauty and clarity of the Lecce Beige Limestone quarried in Southern Italy, to the rustic old-world charm of the myriad Cantera Stones of Central Mexico. 

“Art should become as one with its surroundings.” 
- Isamu Noguchi